SHS Class of '64 Reunion 2002, page 3

There were a lot of people whose pictures I didn't get.  Including my own, now that I think about it.  We left early and didn't get to see/hear the evening's entertainment.  The food was good and I should have told the guys from the catering service it was.  Not easy work, catering a class reunion.

The people whose pictures I didn't get include such classmates as Hazel Littlejohn, Eddie Whisenant, Jerry Tolbert, Billy Hyatt....  Next time then.

Mrs. Patricia Guthrie and her husband John.  John's changed little over the last 40 years.  No wait, let's be candid -- he's improved to the point that around him I began thinking I'd cut back on my dinner portions.... Okay, okay, I'm having my little laugh here, but seriously, maņana I'm going on a diet and I'm gonna start working out at the club. 

Even though John's known me since Jenkins, he was gracious when we met again for the first time.  He's done well for himself.


Ralph Brown and his wife Ann.  The dude has some kind of monstrous strong hands, and once, during a lull in gym, we got into a death grip with each other.  No winners,  but we each remember the other real good.


Mrs. Dorothy O'Quinn and her husband Tommy.  The one thing Tall Tommy and I had in common was that we both played Raymond Quillan in chess.  

I did it once.  Once.  Raymond would tell me what move he was going to make like two moves ahead, then he'd do it.  Game lasted, oh, maybe 8 or 9 moves.  3 minutes, tops.  It lasted that long cos I wanted to be careful.  Yeah, like it mattered. 

While Tommy was a much stronger player than I, and though Raymond may not have chosen to broadcast his intentions, the end result was preordained.  Always.  Sugar Ray Quillan by a knockout.  [April 15, 2004.  How did I know this?  I didn't.  I had no real basis on which to make this assumption, other than the fact I had the chance to see with what ease Raymond kicked my tokus the one time we played chess.  Sorry it took me so long to set the record straight.]


Mrs. Paslay and her husband James.  James, for those of you who may not know, was student body president our senior year.  Did a good job.  I asked someone else at the reunion and was told he still does good work.  Now he's a judge there in Spartanburg, which suggests Hizzoner was already on the right career track back when we elected him.


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