SHS Class of '64 Reunion 2002, page 4


Our host and classmate, young Henry Dobey

Henry is one of those guys upon whom the years sit lightly.  May it always be so. 

At this point in the evening, if memory serves, he was announcing the fact that May 11th is Barbara "Tootsie" Cooksey's birthday.  He then put on a hot Sixties dance number, strolled across the floor Dick Clark's American Bandstand-style, and invited Ms C for a birthday dance.  Henry has some great moves, but he only handles rejection about as well as he did in high school.


With my camera, in low light especially, there's serious lag time between when one presses the button to take a picture and when the shutter releases.  That's the reason the gentleman in the white shirt appeared in this picture with Henry and Sandy Alverson.  

If I knew the man's name, I'd tell you, but I'm pulling a blank.  (I'm now thinking this is Tommy Durham his ownself, but he hasn't 'fessed up yet.) 

Sandy was another person who worked to make this evening happen.  She also moves good.