May 11th at Pavilion 1, Rainbow Lake




Daniel Morgan.  You really have to know what you're looking for to know who this guy is... or was.  When the statue was moved several years ago, there must have been a committee in charge.  I mean, you walk up to the front of the statue and who is that Wm. Washington guy anyway?  You reckon that committee could be the one who came up with the name "Spartanburg Vikings"?


Jean Dunbar and my wife Jan.  They're studying a wall display of the top tunes of the Sixties.  Personally, I didn't hear most of those songs until the Eighties when they became officially classified as Golden Oldies.  Anyway, that's what Jean and Herself were doing.  

In her real life, Jean does cool stuff like create original mathematical proofs of graph theories.  When she tells us about her work, I sit back and nod my head like I know exactly what she's talking about.  Sometimes I put my fingertips together and purse my lips.  I'm good at what I do.  So is Jean. 



Roland Connelly on the left.   Lynn Stricklin Connelly, Amaryrillis Smith, Matt Luca and his wife Carol on the right.  Mr. and Mrs Luca, like Roland and Whasserface, have been married a long time.  Roland's mom was my 7th grade science teacher.  Roland's mom ruled.


Billy Loyless and Geraldine Stanley Mahaffey.  Billy hasn't changed much, personality-wise -- still seems the thoughtful, kind soul he was years ago.  While I didn't know Geraldine way back when, I can honestly say I like the lady she's become.

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